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QABCB works to serve the global communities of businesses and consumers. QABCB accredits appropriately qualified independent third party Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) such as Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Testing & Calibration Laboratories and Medical Laboratories to ensure that their competence to carry out specific tasks is as per the International Standards & the Benchmarks. QABCB Accreditation is voluntary in nature.

Quantas Accreditation Body For Certifying Bodies (QABCB) is an Independent, International Accreditation Body (AB).

QABCB operates in accordance with the requirements, criteria, rules and regulations laid down in the following documents …
The requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17011, General requirements for bodies providing assessments and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies.
The requirements and other benchmarks as stipulated in the Publicly Available Documents (PAD) published by various international bodies and QABCB.
The authority vested is QABCB is that assigned to them by the Conformity Assessment Bodies and other Organization it accredits and recognizes by virtue of these applicant and accredited bodies pledging support for the mission and objectives of QABCB and ensuring that their actions are according to that policy. It is an independent, impartial and non-governmental body and makes no claim to be connected with any government.

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