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Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services are defined in ISO/IEC 17065. Certification of products, processes or services is a means of providing assurance that they comply with specified requirements in standards and other normative documents. Some product, process or service certification schemes may include initial testing or inspection and assessment of its suppliers' quality management systems, followed by surveillance that takes into account the quality management system and the testing or inspection of samples from the production and the open market. Other schemes rely on initial testing and surveillance testing, while still others comprise type testing only. Accredited organisations are advised that activities covered by European Directive 765/08 - Conformity Assessment are outwith the scope of accreditation by QABCB. In particular, note must be taken that whilst it may be the opinion of QABCB that its accredited organisations are competent to conduct product certification, such as for CE mark purposes, authorisation for issuing CE marks is obtainable only from organisations notified by the European Union directly and that QABCB are not so notified or authorised.

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